Беременный животик Ксении Собчак вызвал ажиотаж в Сети The presenter demonstrated the changes in your body. Fans of the stars in awe of the photos where she shines in a swimsuit, while not explicitly trying to hide the growing belly. Apparently, Ksenia Sobchak has openly willing to demonstrate an interesting position, despite the fact that a few months she stubbornly remained silent.

      Ksenia Sobchak again gave rise to speak about yourself. TV presenter and editor in chief of a fashion magazine shared a really special picture that her fans were looking forward to the last couple of months. Star, finally allowed himself to demonstrate the changes in your body. Those who actively follow the life of Xenia, have an idea of how she normally looks in a swimsuit, but because the new the seemed to them a revelation.

      The photo, which depicted Sobchak swimsuit, was enthusiastic followers of her microblog. Many noted that the Breasts of a pregnant celebrity has increased markedly. Without attention did not remain and the belly, which may only partially, but still hit the shot. Attentive fans spotted that the body of Xenia has really changed, and the published it only says that she was Mature enough to somehow recognize its position. Earlier, when literally all the media day after day discussed the details of the pregnancy Xenia, the heroine of numerous articles persistently kept silent and never commented on the much discussed topic – her impending motherhood.

      Subscribers microblog Sobchak were quick to comment on her new photo. Many were delighted with the rounded shapes of the stars.

      “I love it in this perfect position!”, “Xenia, I wish you health and endless happiness” “the holds Tummy is so cute, and chest rounded out! Look forward to the addition, it is happiness!”, “How does this as you to face.”

      Interestingly, many dared to even imagine what sex will the baby. Some experienced moms, subscribe to “Instagram” Ksenia said with confidence that she certainly has a son, and this supposedly indicates the shape of its abdomen. Also people began to discuss the possible name that Ksenia Sobchak and her husband Maxim Vitorgan could choose for heir. In short, posting a new photo from vacation on the island of Sardinia, a celebrity not a little excited the public.

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