Беременна? Тина Канделаки попрощалась с талией на 9 месяцев
The presenter hinted that he was preparing to become a mother.

Tina Kandelaki

Photo: @tina_kandelaki Instagram

In social networks actively discussing the third pregnancy of Tina Kandelaki. Rumors that the 42-year-old TV presenter has again become a mother, crawled after her recent comment by one of the publications in the microblog. Tina, as you know, a lot of sports and adheres to a strict regime in power. She said recently that the next nine months it will be especially hard to keep the shape.

“I find it difficult with the waist. And it will be even harder for 9 months”, — said followers Tina. From other comments on this subject Kandelaki abstained. Fans suspect that the star is in the early stages of pregnancy, so it is not noticeable rounded belly. However, perhaps Tina was just kidding and actually is not in “waiting”.

Cinestars her husband Vasily Brovko for 10 years. By modern standards, the difference is not that big. Moreover, the star looks great, and still interested in youth trends and fashion. And Kandelaki knows how to keep a spouse around. Tina I’m sure men pull away from women who cease to be of interest to them. “In our time the institution of marriage is rapidly changing. In a 24-hour exchange of information the man and woman quickly become each other’s uninteresting. So move on to the next relationship and the next and so on to infinity, and full of disappointment. And it is necessary to look in itself. To be able to continuous development in order to be interesting for what reason another person. Children together, a sofa and a cat is no stop. So, oddly enough, it is necessary to learn constantly, and not only for a career but to save the family!” — shares the opinion of Kandelaki.

Recall that the secret wedding of Tina held in 2016. Since then, she has repeatedly said that they are ready to give the young husband a child. From Kandelaki already have two adult children: daughter Melanie and son Leonty.