Беременная победительница «Битвы экстрасенсов» спасается от угроз Elena Yasevich appealed to the fans. The psychic said that he had received an insulting message from an unknown user on the Network. A woman cannot understand what caused such hatred to her person.
Беременная победительница «Битвы экстрасенсов» спасается от угроз

The winner of the 12th season of the popular mystical show “Battle of psychics,” Elena Yasevich preparing soon to become a mother. However, instead of positive emotions a woman has to face negativity. She told followers on the social network that got a nasty message from an unknown man. She posted a screenshot of a message from a user under the name Dmitry Tuhi. “You do not have time for Novoselova?” – wrote the source. Apparently, he meant psychic Ilona Novosyolov, which not so long ago have committed suicide. The man finished his question with two parentheses that replace in correspondence smile. Yasevich are unable to understand the hint and the fact that the user wanted to get this message. The psychic asked for clarification to fans.

“It’s strange when people who are not familiar with you, wish you were dead. And not afraid of anything, the child on the avatar there… what do you think should I tell him?” – asked Elena fans.

Fans were in shock from such reports and came in wondering why someone wants Elena dead. They expressed their point of view on this situation and told how, in their opinion, is to do a woman. “I think, to ignore. It’s just envious. Don’t pay any attention to them! They do not deserve”, “boomerang – a powerful thing! Just scary that I live in such a rotten society that people mired in the rotten thoughts and have forgotten how to be human”, “Just wish him good health on such messages! And don’t even mind that! I don’t understand people who are not afraid of neither hell nor of God!” – posted by netizens.

Fans Yasevich never ceases to amaze her worldly wisdom. Not so long ago, she hinted that her life was a difficult period, from which she was able to learn a lesson. Now she shares observations with the followers.

“Everything in life is so. String of fate is invisible. Sometimes, the soul give a person more than family. And then oops. And one to mind the question: for what? The answer is no years. A year passes, two, three. And then, through the agony, searching for answers and suffering you understand one thing: always keep your eyes wide open and never love anyone more than yourself. And then comes the balance and happiness in your life!” Yelena says.