Pregnant? The star of “the Magnificent century” showed rounded tummy

Беременна? Звезда «Великолепного века» показала округлившийся животик
Meriem Uzerli was suspected of “interesting position”.

Photo: Instagram

Attentive followers Meriem Uzerli (and they have it in Instagram more than 4 million) is almost sure: the actress is expecting a child. The reason for this suspicion was a recent photo of star of TV series “Magnificent century”, where she poses in overalls, did not hide her rounded belly.

“You’re pregnant?” — began to ask Meriem fans in different languages. The fact that the series “Magnificent century” was released in more than 50 countries! And everywhere was popular. Uzerli became an international celebrity, and her account signed by people from many different places in the world.

Meriem did not respond to questions from fans. But comments in Russian (though there were not more than, for example, Turkish or German) reacted negatively to Victoria Bonia. The Russian star came out of “House-2”, pals with Meriem, and she decided to defend her friend.

“Only Russian women look at everything in detail!” — she answered one of podeschi Uzerli, who asked her about the pregnancy.

Now fans are waiting to confirm whether that information about “interesting position” Meriem. They would be very happy if it were true, because the actress is not very well still develop a personal life.

In 2013, the actress got pregnant from her ex-boyfriend, who dumped her after learning about it. The behavior of the father of the child were hurt Meriem, but she did not have an abortion and in time gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Recently Lara (as the actress baby named) celebrated its fourth birthday. Friends Meriem, I went to her house, argue that the nature baby is definitely went to the mother. The same kind, but stubborn and free-spirited.