Pregnant the finalist of “the Bachelor,” got married

Беременная финалистка «Холостяка» вышла замуж The celebration took place on the shores of the Indian ocean. Finalist of the first season of the show “the Bachelor” Irina Volodchenko and her partner organized a romantic wedding in the Maldives. Recently a girl showed a markedly rounded tummy.
Беременная финалистка «Холостяка» вышла замуж

The participant of the show “the Bachelor” often make a career in the world of show business, but this is not about Irina Volodchenko. Finalist of the first season in 2013, he became actively involved in politics, reaching in this field considerable heights. As it turned out, charming brunette successful not only in career but in your personal life. About a month ago, Irina was married with her mysterious lover, organized a gorgeous ceremony on the shores of the Indian ocean.

Though details of the occasion the girl preferred to leave in secret, posting on Instagram a couple of photos.

“The best day”, – has signed one of the pictures Irina.
Беременная финалистка «Холостяка» вышла замуж

She recently delighted fans another good news. Volodchenko has published a video in which noticeable her rounded tummy. Members immediately began to congratulate the finalist of “the Bachelor,” with such an important event. “Irina, you are an incredible beauty. Easy childbirth,” “I Wish you health and love. The birth of a baby is such happiness,” “Beautiful and clever. Very happy for you”, – shared her emotions with fans of political activists.

Despite the fact that Irina is fairly vigorous Instagram, she prefers not to tell fans about her husband. The girl isn’t posting pictures together with the elect, according to the rule “happiness loves silence”. Fans speculate that Volodchenko was married to a very influential politician, and therefore does not advertise their relationship.

Anyway, the expectant mother looks incredibly happy. In addition to political activities and preparation for childbirth, Irina manages to engage and education. Recently, she trained at the Moscow state University “Examination and evaluation of diamonds”, what hastened to tell in the microblog.

“It was difficult and hard, to be honest. During the course I learned a lot about the properties of diamond jewelry, ideal proportions, cutting technology, the international and Russian systems of assessment and so on. Every day from nine to six daily practice on geologicheskom equipment with a variety of stones. And in addition, difficult exams, theory and practice as a bonus. But even eight months pregnant did not become a hindrance for me”, – said Irina.

Fans do not get tired marvel at the dedication Volodchenko. According to them, the girl made a brilliant career after the final of the first season of the show “the Bachelor.” Itself Irina believes that only hard work and confidence can help achieve success.

However, the coming months she still will be dedicated to motherhood. She prefers not to disclose information about pregnancy and the field of the future child, but fans are sure that Irina will share with them the joy when the baby will be born.

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