Беременная Светлана Зейналова рассказала о халатности врачей
The star of “Good morning” affected equipment “Ambulance”.

Svetlana Zeynalov

Photo: Instagram

Svetlana Zeynalov, who is in an interesting position, told that the day before she had to go through now
shock… the Star of “Good morning” was amazed to learn that in the carriage
ambulance may not be a stretcher. With this fact, the presenter has faced,
when she had an emergency to call the doctors to hospitalize in
the hospital her mom.

“Urgently put mom in the hospital — written by Svetlana on
page in the social network. Three days in a row, the district doctor assured me that mom’s sick with the flu. When
that the symptoms were not flu at all… After my exhortations, threats, and
scandal (parents somehow believed the doctor), the third called an ambulance. Paramedics immediately
dragged mom to the hospital… And to get up she couldn’t… Bear it to no one. It
heavy, emergency — one, a woman doctor! Neither a paramedic nor a medic, no one…
Dad does not pick it up we ain… now, were looking for the neighbors or even someone (
for money), so people could pick it up in seat (stretcher for some reason was not) and
right on the chair to take out to the car… now I don’t even want to discuss
the regional competence of the doctor is a separate issue. And just cry out, uplifting
hands: “And why the “ambulance” no one can make a person? It
OK now, Yes? But if there is no one here to carry a supine patient? Him what — for
leg drag?”

Fans sympathized Zeynalova, wished a speedy
recovery of her mother, and told what they experienced, causing the ambulance.