Pregnant Svetlana Svetikova starred in a provocative photo shoot

Беременная Светлана Светикова снялась в провокационной фотосессии
Star of musicals looks forward to the appearance of the second child.

Svetlana Svetikova

Photo: @svetikova_music Instagram Svetlana Svetikovoy

About three weeks ago Svetlana Svetikova has unveiled her second pregnancy. The singer is already on serious life pleasant “expectations.” The actress admits that experiencing neither the incomparable pleasure from the status of pregnancy. And recently she took part in a Topless photo shoot, which, according to Svetlana, fully conveys its internal state in a given period of time.

“There is no better status than the pregnancy. My drug of choice. There is no deeper love than the love of a child. Motherhood is a great gift. To be a part of nature. To be the deep silence of Being. To be one with the great universe… to be a woman … to Melt into true love!” said Svetikova on the page in a social network.

We will remind that Svetlana and her civil husband Alexei Polishchuk already have a son, three — year of Milan. A boy growing up in the same tiny, like his mother. Recently, the actress said that other mothers at playgrounds can’t believe Milan for nearly four years, as he looks at the two. “Sometimes you look at me with pity. Here’s and medical myths About… development, etc. All the time! I’ve held my tongue up to 3 years and 6 looked at 4… Oh, what my mother had to endure at the time! By the way, Milanic learned to count to 20 before he began to speak… All babies are different and the most beautiful! Favorite and the good!” — shared Svetikova.