Pregnant Sobchak for 3700 Euro was a VIP guest at the Vatican

Беременная Собчак за 3700 евро стала VIP-гостем в Ватикане
Xenia was able to visit the private tours in the city-state.

Ksenia Sobchak

Photo: Instagram

Recently Ksenia Sobchak flew to Italy to spend a holiday in a relaxed atmosphere. TV presenter admires
views of the Mediterranean sea and visiting the sights. The expectant mother spends time
so to bring the most benefit to the future baby: a lot of walking,
floating, breathing in the fresh air.

Ksenia has already managed to visit the Vatican. She not only studied all the available attractions of this amazing city and the state at the same time,
but even bribed! Moreover, Sobchak has shared details of the incident with their fans. It turns out that in the Vatican to get on certain tours, you need
to buy for a certain amount of VIP status.

“Now my heart was somehow better, not only in Russia
I got a “VIP pass” to the belt of the virgin, admits Sobchak, In
The Vatican the same clamps, but here they do not work for the officials, as in
Russia, and openly, in the capitalist, for the life-giving loot! Talk: mid
June in the Vatican is a tourist hell. Crowds of tourists, long queues for
entrance, and in the Sistine Chapel a crush, as in a luxury bar on Friday night. But
here’s my buddy pulls out from the wide leg of 3700 Euro and, Holy mother of God, we feel like the joke about Lenin: “You go to watch or you will here it
to make?” We open a closed for visitors “papal
the stairs” (I’m standing on it), show a hall ballot for the Pope, and
even the plant behind the glass, enclosing the main statue of work Michelangelo Did…
“I was here” scrawled not allowed. What can I say — people everywhere
are people”.

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