Pregnant so can no longer conceal the growing belly

Беременная Нюша больше не может скрывать растущий живот
Singer showed a changed shape at a concert in Germany.


It seems that in the debate about pregnancy Nyusha we can put an end. Artist indeed soon become a mother for the first time, as evidenced by the growing abdomen of the performer. The singer performed at a concert in düsseldorf, where they accidentally showed the audience the change in her figure.

Fans of artist recorded during the performance Nyusha in Germany video, which became another confirmation of the rumors about her pregnancy. It is worth noting that the artist specifically replaced all of their previous concert outfits for a casual style, but even that didn’t help her keep the position secret. In concerts Nyusha, by the way, has changed not only her appearance: she refused to energetic dances and moves on stage now, very carefully.

Many fans still don’t understand why the artist by posting old pictures in social networks, tries to confuse others and do not want to advertise the pregnancy. In the microblog Nyusha has not published any frame with a rounded belly.

But Jane did not hide in his last interview that she dreams about the birth of the child. The singer has told that wants to become a mother, and now, after her marriage to Igor Sivov, she is ready to come to grips with the issue of the addition in the family.