Pregnant, she secretly married Bjørndalen

Беременная Домрачева тайно вышла замуж за Бьерндалена A couple of the athletes are receiving congratulations on the day of the wedding. Olympic Champions, Belarus ‘ Darya Domracheva and Norway’s OLE Einar Bjoerndalen became husband and wife on Saturday, July 16, and in the fall they will be born firstborn.

      Беременная Домрачева тайно вышла замуж за Бьерндалена

      Eight-time Olympic champion in biathlon, a 42-year-old Norwegian OLE Einar Bjoerndalen and three-time Olympic champion in the same sport, 29-year-old Darya Domracheva got married.

      The pair married in secret, giving no interviews to the press on the eve of this event. And about the celebration we know only that it happened. Not reported Domracheva and Bjoerndalen or the place of the wedding, nor invited to his friends and loved ones. Happy couple merely publish a single joint wedding picture that is posted on their pages in social networks almost simultaneously.

      “Such a nice day!” signed Darya Domracheva with the spouse. “What a beautiful day!”, – reads the caption under the same photo in Facebook Bjørndalen.

      As expected, at the wedding of Daria was in a white dress, the bride’s head was adorned with a wreath of white roses, white rose on the lapel of the groom. Photo in full growth athletes chose not to publish, apparently because of one spicy detail. Darya Domracheva is at a good gestation period, and obviously doesn’t want to show it publicly. That the couple is expecting a child, became known in April of this year. His future fatherhood OLE Einar Bjoerndalen confirmed at a press conference where announced that he intends to participate in the Olympics in 2018, which will be held in Korea and that he has a powerful motivation – the imminent birth of a child.

      We will remind, about romantic relationship of two renowned biathlon the public learned in 2015. However, according to Norwegian journalists, to meet Domracheva and Bjoerndalen began in mid-2012. Met at a summer training camp in Austria, they have never parted. According to one version, the novel with the Belarusian biathlete was the reason for the gap Bjørndalen with his wife Natalie Santer. Supposedly the woman learned about the passion of husband and filed for divorce. And Biennalen Domracheva and to the last tried to avoid any publicity so as not to provoke scandals.

      It is worth noting that famous athletes often marry. Married Vic wild and Alena Zavarzina, who brought Russian national team a few medals at the Olympics in Sochi, the famous biathlete Liv-Grete, Selbrede married his colleague Raphael Poiree. By the way the first spouse Bjoerndalen Nathalie Santer was also a biathlete.

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