Беременная Ржаксенская борется с чувством тревоги Finalist of the third season of the show “the Bachelor” will soon become a mother. A young woman has told that wants to pass first aid courses and attend workshops on baby care. The star also complained of nightmares.

Galina Rzhaksinsky openly talks to fans about the pregnancy. A young woman shares not only with pleasant emotions, but also concerns, often asking the fans Council. So, she recently admitted that she wants to enroll in first aid courses, which, in its opinion, will help in the care of the baby.

“Today, 28 weeks along. So time passes, I fear all will not have time to prepare well. Mommy, tell me who went to what courses to help parents prepare for baby? I go on the theory, but it seems to me a little. Want to practice some”, – confessed Galina.

Fans were quick to convince Galina that she’ll be a wonderful mother. They advised Rzhaksinsky not to worry and fawn to the experience of giving birth friends and relatives.

Galina does not deny that was very worried about the upcoming meeting with the firstborn. Previously, she complained that due to jumps in the mood can’t control your own emotions. According to Rzhaksinsky, she was very lucky with my husband, who is always ready to support her and is sympathetic to the change in the character of beloved.

“He made himself a calming tea, sulked and all around annoying, but nothing terrible has happened. Since time immemorial, they were not allowed to criticize a pregnant woman, so I advise you to remember this wisdom to all who surround the future mothers,” previously told the star of the controversial show.

After learning about the imminent addition to the family, Galina and shared good news with fans. However, the sex of the baby to reveal she is not going. Informed the young woman said that chooses a name for the unborn child, and dreams of remodeling the apartment.

The news of the pregnancy was a complete surprise for Galina and her husband Yevgeny Gromov. The lovers got married in November 2016, and the lavish celebration was planned to spend in the summer. However, in connection with the interesting position Rzhaksinsky, the festival had to be postponed.

Now all thoughts Galina busy future motherhood. She admits that she follows a certain diet and trying to consume more vegetables and fruits, which are rich in vitamins. But from the sweet Rzhaksinsky tries to refuse. Fans are sure that the finalist of “the Bachelor” looks just perfectly, and even in an interesting position maintains a perfect shape.