Pregnant Rita Dakota offered to bet on the sex of the newborn

Беременная Рита Дакота предложила делать ставки на пол новорожденного
The singer has told, that will soon tell who is waiting for: a boy or a girl

Rita Dakota

Photo: Instagram

Rita Dakota continues to intrigue fans, making the promise very soon to disclose the main intrigue
his personal life — the sex of the baby. Now the star has offered fans the game: “guess the sex of the baby.”

“Very soon we will tell you our mini-secret —
said Rita. — In the meantime, continue to read your assumptions and laughing! Any
only “methods” to determine the sex, some have not! And the degree
“openseti” my nose, and at (attention) changed the pigment of the hair
(how?), and even someone “friend is a fortune teller said absolutely, and she
never wrong.” And twins and triplets were in the options. And the word
he was trying to catch ( “Oh, small fry — so girl”, “baby
it means exactly kid!”. In General, the club mini-Sherlock. Thanks for the mood
for participation and for the fact that you are close to such a cool period in our lives.
And now, let’s formally check how much for the boy and how much for
girl. Do not be lazy right percentage and then calculate and you
to tell about the result. Will check who was right and who’s wrong!”

By the way, Vlad Sokolovsky with Rita already started repairs in the future nursery, and now
choose the furniture and everything necessary for the baby. “We will have two children:
the city and in the country, so the work will be double!” shared the expectant mother.