Pregnant Rita Dakota is enraged by the actions of cops after the accident

Беременная Рита Дакота в ярости от действий гаишников после аварии The singer admitted that her mood was hopelessly flawed. The day before Rita Dakota got in an accident. As a result, the performer had to cancel all plans and wait for the police until the evening.
Беременная Рита Дакота в ярости от действий гаишников после аварии

27-year-old singer and composer Rita Dakota, which is now at the last month of pregnancy, was recently in a very unpleasant situation. In that moment, when the singer went to the doctor, she got in an accident. According to the young women, it was not her fault. The details of the incident Dakota shared in the section “Stories” in Instagram.

According to Rita, she got stuck in traffic near the checkpoint located in the vicinity of the Sevastopol Prospekt. There passed only with permits, but many drivers didn’t know about it, so they had to take back.

“I’m almost there, but I understand that the taxi driver driving backwards and talking to someone, and can’t see me. I understand that if I crash, I have fired the airbag and it will be a terrible and tragic situation, because I’m nine months pregnant and I have a huge belly. I, too, begin to pass backwards and slam into a man who went to meet his wife with a small child. And the taxi driver just dumps the scene, despite the fact that he saw that I was pregnant,” shared a young woman.
Беременная Рита Дакота в ярости от действий гаишников после аварии

The participants of the accident appealed to the traffic police who reached the scene almost all day. Pregnant Rita Dakota called this service several times and explained the situation, but they were advised to wait and said that I can’t help you, as there are no available machines. The mood of the actress was hopelessly flawed.

“Every time we say, “If anyone was hurt, call an ambulance. Wait.” During all this time, I got me some pears, so I fed and cheerful. The poor man, who was driving to meet my wife, well worth it. And to me the set goes beloved husband, who carries the food. So my day went. I didn’t win, but all failed. In short, it’s very sad and depressing,” said Dakota.

As a result, the representatives of the DPS still get to the stars. According to Dakota, it took about 7.5 hours. Young woman admitted that she got back, and expressed his dissatisfaction with the sluggishness of the police. The singer said that she could give birth to waiting for the patrol service.

Later Rita Dakota spoke again about the accident. The singer urged fans not to panic. According to the artist, her story attracted attention of the public. The singer also hinted that he wants to end discussion of the incident which can happen to anyone.

“End this stupid story, I want to thank my husband, who came with food and all correct as a great and smart man, while I whimper and sharpened in his car Korean soup; the driver of the Ford, who encouraged me and offered some sandwiches were good (though suffered in the situation and met the wife with a newborn child only after 8 hours); to all my friends for their support, jokes and fun,” said the young woman.

Add that to the recent Rita Dakota shared with fans the excitement of waiting for a baby. Joyful event in the life of the singer and her husband Vlad Sokolovsky will happen very soon. “Time certainly flies so fast. Yesterday turning the handle of the test with two lines, and today there are 37-week. Just a little bit farther, really can not believe,” said the artist.