Pregnant Rita Dakota breaks stereotypes

Беременная Рита Дакота разрушает стереотипы
The singer said that she allows herself expecting a baby.

Rita Dakota

Photo: Instagram

Rita Dakota, which a few months first
become a mother, decided on the place where you will labor. “I ask a lot
questions on the subject of pregnancy and birth itself: where, how, with whom, what
the method is closer to me, where, says singer and composer. — Say
honestly, we had only two ideas: to leave to give birth to Bali or stay to give birth
here, and then fly to Bali this time with the baby. Pregnancy has had a wonderful
warm period, when fruits, fresh air, summer, sun. This is an argument in favor
“here.” But the most important, of course, the doctor. I found
your doctor are able to give birth even in the tundra, though in the field, honestly!”

Dakota also talked candidly with fans about
the fact that it allows itself in this wonderful period of his life.

“With clothes and shoes “beremenyh”, it was said,
full trouble — laughs Dakota. — Knew, but did not expect that in such a
degree. Don’t know where stylish American moms of Instagram are taking all this
bomber gear, but I do wear oversize mass marketasia, one of th
mens S approx. I have a few pairs of comfortable heels and a light summer
jackboots. Anticipating questions: Yes, I
wear heels, raise up your hands, paint the hair and nails gel Polish, drink delicious
expensive wine on holidays, eat carpaccio, which they all resented, I travel a lot,
have sex, dance, laugh and live! What you want, my lovely
girls! (Of course, if your doctor all of the above you are allowed as