Pregnant Polina Gagarina impressed with the bikini

Беременная Полина Гагарина поразила снимком в бикини Star spends time with family in the Maldives. Fans intently watch her and try not to miss the moment when a celebrity will post another photo in a swimsuit. One of the last shots of Gagarin posing for the camera wife, hidden behind a tropical tree. Followers believe that a woman does not want to show the changed shape.

      Polina Gagarina with her husband Dmitry Isakov and son Andrew decided to arrange a vacation in the Maldives. Like many stars of domestic show business, the singer shares the most vivid impressions during your vacation. Apparently, a trip to a hot country was not planned in advance. The actress admitted that she and her husband spontaneously bought tickets to the Islands. By the way, subscribers are most interested in when Gagarin will be placed on his page a photo in a bathing suit.

      Pregnant Polina Gagarina arranged an extreme vacation with the family

      Fans of celebrities do not hide the fact that they can not wait to see her rounded tummy.Pauline assumed that the pictures from vacation in a swimsuit will cause a stir among users of the “Instagram”, so I posted a shot where she’s posing, hiding behind a palm tree. The photograph shows that the star is dressed in a bikini in purple color, however, consider the figure of the singer should.

      For several months, the artist tries to appear in public in voluminous dresses that help hide the tummy stars. Polina Gagarina, which almost always went out in tight-fitting dresses and suits with a strong silhouette, could not fail to cause disputes about its interesting position. When numerous publications written about the changes to the figure of the mentor show “the Voice”, a representative for the actress said that Paulina is not pregnant and should not believe the rumors.

      Polina Gagarina for the first time spoke of pregnancy

      In one of the air music program leading Dmitry Nagiyev ribbed wide outfits Gagarina and called it “Bok”. However, the artist agreed to such a controversial comparison. “If, Mr, by the phrase “Bok” you imply that I have become wider, something that can be done,” said Pauline.

      I must say that members of the singer continue to overwhelm her with compliments and to wish good health. It seems that Pauline has changed noticeably, and began to look even happier than before. According to followers, pregnancy celebrities have gone in her favor.

      “Pauline, don’t hide your tummy. You are beautiful!” “For a long time I suspect that you are pregnant. As soon as the style has changed from tight suits to vintage dresses”, “Paulina is an intelligent woman, and she’ll do what the family needs! Happiness to them”, “there is No difference, show you stomach now or not, the important thing is that you are pregnant. This is the best happiness for any woman” – written by fans of the star on Instagram.

      By the way, the family Polina Gagarina is never a dull moment. They are happy to make boating and arrange fishing. Just recently they went to ride on a yacht in the company of musicians Oleg Gazmanov and Anton Belyayev and their spouses who are on holiday in the Maldives.