Беременная Полина Гагарина продемонстрировала изменившуюся фигуру In the famous resort village festival “Christmas at Rosa Khutor”, which traditionally gather the best national pop stars. Grigory Leps invites many artists. Was no exception and the Russian singer, who can not hide his interesting position.

      Беременная Полина Гагарина продемонстрировала изменившуюся фигуру

      Krasnaya Polyana brought together representatives of Russian pop, who took part in the festival “Christmas at Rosa Khutor”. They came to congratulate the guests on the happy and perform their best compositions. Gregory Leps tried to invite the brightest stars. Among them was his colleague at the music show “the Voice” Polina Gagarina. The woman first visited Rosa Khutor, but already managed to get acquainted with the local attractions. She arrived to the Red Glade with her husband Dmitry Isakov and son Andrew.

      Pregnant Polina Gagarina arranged an extreme vacation with the family

      The first day she spent with family and friends. They have a lot of riding, actively spent time and visited the nearest institution. However, Polina Gagarina came to rest. She performed at the festival, Grigory Leps with his own compositions, than have pleased the assembled audience. The guests couldn’t help but notice that even in a light black dress, the figure of the celebrity has changed markedly. It is obvious that the woman is no longer able to hide the pregnancy, which they say for several weeks.

      “I like it here. My first time at Rosa Khutor. But it’s very beautiful, tasty food at local restaurants. I try anything does not deny. Eat whatever you want” – said Polina reporters after the speech.
      Беременная Полина Гагарина продемонстрировала изменившуюся фигуру

      Still Pauline had no comment about an interesting situation. Journalists are constantly asking her questions, but official representatives of the women do not deny, but not confirm the available information. I must say that with every release Gagarin becomes more difficult to cover the rounded belly, which gives the secret celebrity.

      Anyway, this does not prevent the performer have a lot of fun holidays to make descents on mountain slopes to ski and enjoy the local air. The actress said that is not the first time sent to the snowy resorts, but the famous Sochi came just now with family. They have already managed to ride on famous trails, to make a difficult ascent up the hill. But today the entire first half of the day celebrity held in a hotel room, because I wanted to gain strength before a performance at the festival.

      “Today we skated with family. Before the performance we were sleeping, wanted to recover. Yesterday a lot of rolling around, doing it all the time. Son loved it, all excited. I think that in the near future will go up in the mountains”, – said the artist.