Беременная Пиппа Миддлтон показала заметно округлившийся  животик
The sister of Duchess of Cambridge came to the stadium with her husband/

Беременная Пиппа Миддлтон показала заметно округлившийся  животик

Pippa Middleton


one of the matches of the Wimbledon tournament was intrigued the other day by the appearance on
stands younger sister of Duchess of Cambridge — Pippa Middleton, accompanied
satellite is not too similar to her legal husband — James Matthews. Gossip
immediately began to discuss the alleged flirtation of the younger Middleton. However, upon closer
consideration was revealed that this was not a gentleman, and Pippa’s brother James.

looked beautiful in her elegant summer dress white “sewing” by Anna Mason, which is not
concealing her visibly grown tummy. It is estimated that Pippa
now in her sixth month of pregnancy. However, as said recently, Middleton,
which has always been an athlete (participated in competitions
and in swimming, running, and skiing
marathons), it’s not going to give up
from an active lifestyle even now. As recognized by Pippa who loves
and even tennis, she still regularly goes to court. However, trying to play together, but to overwork, running around the court.

Pippa and James Middleton


We recall that the younger Middleton is expecting her first baby, it became known in April, shortly before her elder sister Katherine gave birth to her third child — Prince Louis. And in early June, she officially confirmed her pregnancy in column, which it conducts in the monthly edition of Waitrose Kitchen. “I have for some time quite successfully passed the turn of the 12th week of pregnancy and was due a scan. And I, fortunately, managed to do without having nausea in the mornings. All this means that my pregnancy is proceeding normally…” said Pippa.