Pregnant Pink has posed naked

Беременная Пинк снялась обнаженной

The second pregnancy Pink has become for many a big surprise. Some time the singer tried to stay away from social life and recently it became clear why.

Now 37-year-old singer completely dedicated to the family, but sometimes still pleases his fans with new images. So, Pink was yet another celebrity who feels the need to show my naked pregnant belly. On his page on Instagram published a photo where posing Topless, covering her bare Breasts with his hands. The daughter star, 5-year-old willow, in a photo hugging mommy’s belly.

“In the nest” — said in comments to be published.

Note that Pink husband Carey HART in her Instagram almost meet, because of what the Western press even suggested that the couple divorced, and the singer will be to raise children alone. To remain silent on the subject of Pink and could not in the social network left a humorous post about what’s going on in her life.

In Instagram she said she can’t wait when it will finally throw all my husband’s things out of the closet and live a free life. Yeah, sense of humour here in abundance!