Беременная Пелагея продемонстрировала округлившийся животик
The singer with her husband have fun in the rustic restaurant.


Photo: Instagram.com

Pelagia, which is now in “interesting position” for the first time, after the news of her secret wedding to hockey player Ivan Telegin, was published. The reason for this was the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the singer. Pelagia, along with the newly minted husband and a noisy group of friends, had a lot of fun in one of the suburban restaurants.

The birthday girl looked incredibly happy. Eyewitnesses said that throughout the evening Russian singer smiled a lot and literally could not for a moment “break away” from her husband. Pelagia and Ivan publicly embraced and strongly expressed tender feelings to each other. The singer allowed himself to leave the arms of her husband only for a short lively dance.

Recall that the news about pregnancy Pelageya appeared two weeks ago. Then the star suddenly canceled all of his upcoming gigs until autumn. Her participation in the continuation of the project “Voice. Children is also in question. It is not excluded that it will be forced to miss the new season of the TV show, as filming would coincide with the expected date of delivery. For her future baby will be born first, but Ivan already have one small child. Friend of the hockey player this winter bore him a son Brand. After the first news appeared about the novel Pelagia with Telegin, many fans of the singer were in indignation. Many thought then that star became a home wrecker Ivan with his girlfriend. Ivan his stormy personal life so far has not commented on, however, as Pelagia.

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