Беременная Пелагея изменилась до неузнаваемости Fans wonder why the artist so transformed. Soon Pelagia for the first time will become a mother. The singer will give her husband Ivan Telegin baby. In June the lovers are played a secret wedding, which invited only the closest people.

      Беременная Пелагея изменилась до неузнаваемости

      Famous singer Pelageya is preparing to become a mother. For the sake of the pregnancy passed quietly and without unnecessary nerves, she refused the chair of the mentor in the next season of the show First channel “Voice”. The artist rarely appears at social events, so fans are deprived of the opportunity to see your favorite artist. Photos that appeared in the accounts of some beauty, has led fans Pelageya in confusion. They couldn’t believe that the singer has changed so much and became barely recognizable. They began to wonder what happened – whether former mentor show “the Voice” have resorted to plastic, or skill of professional makeup artists so transformed artist.

      Pregnant Pelagia demonstrate shape changes in the new show

      “Oh, the nose new? She direct another”, “wow, what a plastic face changed! Wouldn’t know”, “Very beautiful! No plastic and no” “What unrecognizable,” wrote fans.

      In August, Pelagia decided to spend a vacation in Sochi. Actress went to this resort so as to get to destinations by airplane in just two hours. “The fields together with her friend Kate and her child went to Krasnaya Polyana, said “StarHit” friend of the family Olesya Anoprienko. – Long flights during pregnancy is not very desirable, so they left it in Sochi: two hours in a comfortable business class – and is already in place”.

      The girls spent the holiday in a five star hotel Sochi Marriott Krasnaya Polyana in the resort village of esto-Sadok. “At sea, they didn’t go – still in her position to visit the public beach is not worth it – there are too many curious, – has told Olesya. – Most of the time the Fields were under an umbrella near the pool, reading a book, which she was advised”.

      Now fans look forward to the addition to the family Pelageya and her husband, hockey player Ivan Telegin. The athlete will become a father for the second time – a few months before the wedding with the actress for his ex-girlfriend gave him a son. However, the birth of a baby are unable to save the old relationship of Ivan from collapse. The man made the decision to leave the darling with the little son to marry Pelagia. They played at a wedding, which invited only the closest people and did not advertise the changed marital status. Pelageya secretly married a hockey player