Pregnant or overeaten? Kate moss showed rounded belly

Беременна или переела? Кейт Мосс показала округлившийся живот

42-year-old supermodel appeared at a social event in a slinky mini-dress that emphasized her changed figure.

Fans of celebrity guess: Kate expecting a baby or strongly recovered?

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A few months ago the media was discussing the imminent divorce of Kate moss and musician Jamie. after five years of marriage. But I guess it’s not as bad as it seems. It is likely that the star 90 is in position… Otherwise how else to explain her the extra inches on the waist?

Although explanations are available. Some journalists write that Kate is not expecting a child, and simply ceased to follow him. After a career fashion models, she has repeatedly demonstrated the public is not necessarily ideal figure. Despite the inherent thinness, moss has a tendency to recover in the abdomen. Especially in periods of depression, when she starts eating hamburgers and fries.

Representatives of the celebrity, meanwhile, does not comment on her changed figure. Kate moss also refused to communicate with journalists.

But I hope that soon everything will fall into place: Kate officially announced its interesting position or will come again in shape. By the way, she may lose weight as rapidly as and get better. This is evidenced by all the pictures of her in the press.

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