Pregnant Olga Rapunzel’s exhausted from the persecution of “House-2”

Беременная Ольга Рапунцель измучена травлей на «Доме-2» Participant of the reality show fell into a depression. Olga Rapunzel grieved when it receives negative reviews in the address and tries not to contact colleagues via telestroke. She hoped that the trials will temper it and make it stronger.
Беременная Ольга Рапунцель измучена травлей на «Доме-2»

Not so long ago the star of the reality show “Dom-2” Olga Rapunzel left her husband Dmitri Dmitrenko. Despite the fact that the young woman is expecting a child, she decided not to tolerate outrageous, in her opinion, attitude and returned to the project. However, many other parties took the side of the pregnant Olga, and support the man. Olga Rapunzel’s filing for divorce after the cheating, beating husband

Rapunzel admits that it is difficult for her to carry the taunts and reproaches of colleagues in telestroke. The expectant mother is very worried and even closed in on itself. She doesn’t want to communicate with those around her.

“Yes, I was depressed. Sometimes lost colors of life, I think being alone and useless. So I sit in my room and afraid to go home so as not to hear sarcastic remarks. Hard, but I’m fine.” said Rapunzel.
Беременная Ольга Рапунцель измучена травлей на «Доме-2»

Participants “Houses-2” I think that Olga own hands destroyed the marriage, and now took the position of the victim. The star of the reality show requires a spouse to divorce, but Dmitry hopes that he will be able to establish a relationship with the beloved.

“You think I like to talk about it? And I think it’s so easy to forget? If I was one, have resigned long ago and let go! All I want from him – divorce! He says he is ready to give divorce, my calls not even respond, is not all to solve peacefully, what’s the point?” – shared thoughts Rapunzel.

Беременная Ольга Рапунцель измучена травлей на «Доме-2»

Olga complained that Dmitry is not interested in her condition and health of the unborn baby, and offers his help. However, the participant “House-2” tries to find the strength to lift my spirits, because now responsible for the child that would soon be born.

Беременная Ольга Рапунцель измучена травлей на «Доме-2»“And we are sad and hurt that we have done so, I’m guilty about not feeling! Now all I do, I do for you and your baby. Divorce and moving is scary, but that’s life! I’m holding on, I’m very tired to hear in his claim, the negative. If you don’t believe me and do not love me, for God’s sake, but the child with? My baby is not to blame, don’t hurt me, us, I climb to you, take care of yourself!” – appealed to detractors Rapunzel.

Olga told the publication Dom2Life that she is not afraid of life’s challenges and hopes that this will only make her stronger.