Pregnant Olga Rapunzel written statement to the police after beating her husband

Беременная Ольга Рапунцель написала заявление в полицию после побоев мужа Eks-the participant “Houses-2” has addressed in law enforcement bodies. Olga Rapunzel ran away from the apartment, as frightened of the aggression of Dmitry Dmitrenko. She had to spend some time at the hotel. She decided not to leave actions of the elect with impunity.
Беременная Ольга Рапунцель написала заявление в полицию после побоев мужа

The star of “House-2” Olga Rapunzel faced with aggression on the part of the husband. Ex-member of telestroke expecting a child from Dmitry Dmitrenko, who got married a few months ago. Last weekend, Olga realized that her husband was unfaithful to her. She found intimate pictures and correspondence with young girls in the phone chosen. Which occurred at home, the scandal over physical abuse from Dimitrenko. Rapunzel quickly got up and ran out of the apartment. She had to spend the night at the hotel and ask mom to fly to Moscow.

Today Olga has filed a complaint with the police on a spouse. A young woman claims that her husband has repeatedly used force against her.

Olga Rapunzel’s filing for divorce after the cheating, beating husband

“I was covering for him, I tried to keep the family together for the sake of the child. So he is still not admitted. “I didn’t hurt you, where is the evidence?” he says. People can’t even admit their mistakes. If we were necessary to him, he would have repented,” said Olga.

According to Rapunzel, he regularly tried to strangle her, took for a person raised. Dima did not stop even the fact that his lover is waiting for his child. Olga is afraid of her husband and wants to raise a child, when he will be born, one.

Ex-member reproduced all the events of the quarrel with Dmitri during the examination in the clinic. She also said that he broke her lip.

“We sat ate before the trip to the doctor, and then he comes in. Mad. He went to take a beating, you know? That is, instead of just go and find a job, find a new home, he’s going to write a letter to my mother,” shared Olga.

Fans of Rapunzel created a petition, which I urge law enforcement agencies to pay attention to the situation.

“The star project of the reality show “Dom-2″ Olga Rapunzel residing on the second trimester of pregnancy, was beaten by her husband Dmitry Dmitrenko. Dimitri cheated on her, and when she found out about it, Dmitry had raised her hand, and her elderly mother. Olga wrote a statement to the police, they took a beating, and demands to punish the attacker. Also Rapunzel promises to file for divorce,” reads a statement posted on the resource of online petitions.

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