Pregnant Olga Rapunzel staged a provocative photo shoot in her underwear

Беременная Ольга Рапунцель устроила провокационную фотосессию в нижнем белье The star of the reality show “Dom-2” has once again reconciled with her husband Dmitry Dmitrenko after a loud quarrel. Olga Rapunzel showed idyll with her husband. In the pictures, which appeared online, she is depicted in an unusual way.

The star of “House-2” Olga Rapunzel and her husband Dmitry Dmitrenko preparing for the completion of the family – the couple is expecting a girl and already picked up for her a few options of names. Some time ago the couple had a big fight, but after a while they managed to come to reconciliation. Recently Olga has decided to arrange a photo session. Rapunzel, which is on the impressive stage of pregnancy, was not afraid to pose in underwear.

The photographs, which appeared in the Network, by Olga captured, together with Dmitry. The couple looks very happy. It is worth noting that Rapunzel is very precarious came to its appearance. She decided to paint her rounded belly. “I love you”, – addressed to the beloved of Dimitrenko. In turn, Olga publicly thanked Dmitry. Star telestroke recognized that she was suffering from mood swings, morning sickness and exacerbation of smell. Dimitrenko is trying to support his wife.

“You know, so much has happened between us, I want to tell you only one thing. Beloved, thank you for the happiness the three of us, for your patience. I and our baby. Love you, our daddy. I am very Moody, I’m hormonal, sometimes morning sickness, I loved coffee, and now from the smell of sick from cigarettes so in here almost every other smoke. And perfume too, try to stay away from the smoke and smell, changeable mood, insomnia, daytime somnolence often, then cry, then laugh, like a sweet bell pepper. But I recovered and never in my life I’ve not weighed”, – said Rapunzel.

Fans wished Olga and Dmitry long years of marriage. Just a couple of days ago, the pair had fans pretty worried. On Calvary Dimitrenko has brought the wife to tears, raising her voice. Dmitri chided her unwillingness to compromise. Participants telestroke tried to reconcile the couple. In one of the recent broadcasts of the reality show invited guest was Nikita Dzhigurda. The showman was advised today to forget about all the controversy with Rapunzel and make peace with her.

Apparently, over time, Olga and Dmitry calmed down and left the fight in the past. “Everything will be! No need to rush. All the time. Listen to my heart, but not the opinion of others! I’m happy. And most importantly – you know that”, asked the other day Dimitrenko to the beloved.

We will remind that last year the stars of telestroke had serious problems in the relationship. The lovers got married in the summer of 2017, a few months later, Rapunzel said it was ready to file for divorce. Olga was outraged by the behavior of Dmitri and reproached him in apathy. In addition, a young woman accused of staying in infidelity and claimed that he was handsy.