Pregnant Olga Rapunzel furious antics razluchnitsy

Беременная Ольга Рапунцель в ярости от выходки разлучницы Participant of “House-2” broke into tears of resentment. Olga Rapunzel found out that her husband Dmitry Dmitrenko was cheating on her after a quarrel. But she’s angered the girl who told this to the whole country.
Беременная Ольга Рапунцель в ярости от выходки разлучницы

Olga Rapunzel, which very soon is going to become a mother, learned the unpleasant details of the life of her husband. On the project “Dom-2” came potential participant telestroke Yana told me that she had a brief affair with Dmitri Dmitrenko. When a couple was fighting, he met an attractive girl. Their relationship lasted only a month.

“He proposed to move in with him, live with him in the apartment,” admitted Ian.

Leading the project Olga Buzova read the correspondence girl with Dmitri and found a very interesting message. Yana did not hide the fact that between them was an intimate relationship, but Dimitrenko is denied.

“It was in the past. We were with Olga not together. At that moment I needed an outlet,” said the man.

Some participants denounced Jan, that such a statement could embroil the couple, who will soon become parents for the first time. The girl justified his action by the fact that she hated to see how Olga was literally crawling at the feet of Dmitri. However, Rapunzel did not appreciate the frankness of the former mistress of her husband.Pregnant Rapunzel has forgiven her husband

“Shame on this unscrupulous woman, there is no female solidarity! Come to the project in this way, it’s cheap and dumb! God forbid her to be in this situation, being pregnant! As they arrived and left. My dear, thank you very much for the tremendous support, I’m glad you are always with me,” wrote a participant of “House-2” after the broadcast.

Fans divided into two camps – someone told Olga from the relationship with Dmitri because of his infidelity, and some believed that for love and future child, you can forgive any action.

“Everyone can come and say that you slept with him, they envy you! Don’t pay attention”, “he himself is also love you can forgive and move on like nothing ever happened”, “of Course soon to give birth, I want to make it all right – dad, mom and baby, but then drop it”, “don’t pay attention to anybody, everyone can see that Dima loves you. A family built on trust, and the envious will always make nonsense in your family. Happiness to you and your baby,” wrote a follower.