Беременная Ольга Рапунцель отчаянно ищет мужа Six months later, after the wedding, Olga broke up with her husband Dmitry Dmitrenko and now trying to re-create a family. Participant of “House-2” wants to have a future baby daddy was, because Olga herself Rapunzel a few weeks for the first time will become a mother.

This summer, participant of “House-2” Olga Rapunzel got married Dmitri Dmitrenko. They found each other thanks to the project. However, after the pair left the reality, between lovers increasingly heated debates. In addition, they could not find housing. Despite the fact that Olga got pregnant, she was not afraid to leave her husband and return to the telestroke. Olga Rapunzel wanders around Moscow in search of housing

Now 30-year-old Rapunzel dreams of her child’s father was. It is not going to be alone and tries to do everything to attract the attention of the opposite sex.

“You know how I find it hard. In need of constant care, attention and protection, but always try to think positive and pray that my baby was a good dad. Wish he cared about me and the baby! But to find a decent man to look good every day!” – shared thoughts, Olga.

The expectant mother has promised that she will always follow their appearance. Fans supported the Olga’s desire to create a family and raise a child together with her husband. “Is very beautiful. You’ll be a good mom. Prettier so recovered, you. Children – flowers of life. Don’t listen to nobody, do as your heart tells you”, “I Wish you a good birth and patience you’re the best, hang in there, Olga,” wrote a follower.

However, there were those who condemned Rapunzel because she thinks more about men than about the future of his daughter. “A good mother during pregnancy thinking about the baby to be born healthy, strong, and not the dreams of men and dreams. And you have some men in mind. The choice you made when you got pregnant, now all life the child should be in the first place,” “to Pray, Olga, it is necessary for your child to be healthy!” – began to talk subscribers.

Also, the fans remembered that Dmitri Dmitrenko is still trying to take steps forward to improve relations with his wife. Apparently, while Olga is not ready to once again resume contact with her husband. Olga Rapunzel divorce through the courts