Pregnant Olga Rapunzel clamoring husband divorce

Беременная Ольга Рапунцель настойчиво требует у мужа развода Participant of “House-2” is ready to put an end to the relationship with the father of the unborn child. Olga Rapunzel publicly appealed to Dmitry Dmitrenko. A young woman asks you to let her go and thus protect from dirt.
Беременная Ольга Рапунцель настойчиво требует у мужа развода

Participant reality show “House-2” Olga Rapunzel is now experiencing not the best times. One of the most reverent and touching the periods of life for each women expecting a baby are a match for mother to break with her husband. Olga admits that the child wants from Dmitry Dmitrenko, because it is very loved wife, but at the same time it is so hard to read and listen to everything that is said about her father’s firstborn.

Rapunzel decided to publicly call Dmitrenko, demanding from him two things – to stop pouring dirt on her and as soon as possible to grant her a divorce. Olga issued a very emotional open letter to the spouse on the Network.

“I am sad, though I try to smile for the baby. Wear under the heart of the meaning of life is something that happens. Say what you want: you, your mom and those who throws mud at me. Now all that doesn’t matter. I started life with a clean slate and go forward, I have much to do: give birth to a healthy baby, to start a business. I have a dream! And I ask you to let me go. Give me a divorce protect me from the mud, stop trying to add fuel to the fire. I wish you subscribers talked about the emotions from the first ultrasound, about how the rapidly growing belly, about the fact that he loves your baby. Because every day it grows, and you don’t know anything about him and don’t want to know,” says Olga Rapunzel in his Epistle to Dimitrenko.

The young woman admits that she is very sad and hurt, because she was left without the support of her husband, in which she is now especially in need, like any expectant mother.

“But where were you when I needed support? Why didn’t you help me? Say, now do everything for the baby, but when I had the chance when we were around you somehow didn’t care about problems, you don’t run to the drugstore to buy medicines, not interested, take vitamins, and because the course is constantly changing and the value only above, now they cost two thousand rubles”, – with bitterness says the participant “Houses-2”.

About the reaction Dimitrenko on this message, nothing is known.

We will remind, from the moment of parting Olga Rapunzel and Dmitry Dmitrenko two weeks. During this time the expectant mother managed to free the rented apartment and go back to the “House-2”. It is worth noting that despite the seriousness of the situation and the growing conflict between the spouses, fans of the pair hope that Olga and Dmitri will be able to find a compromise and save the marriage for the sake of the baby.