Беременная Нюша решила перестраховаться
The singer canceled an important trip.


Photo: Elizabeth Karpushkina

which will soon become a mother, was
forced to change his plans
to sacrifice desires for the sake of health
the future baby. No matter how bitter it was
the singer to understand that she will not see
friends on the international music
festival “HEAT” in Baku, no matter how pathetic
she was talking to one of the organizers
the event, Emin Agalarov, she
will not be able to perform on stage “HEAT”,
she did it. Yet the flight to another
the country could have a negative impact on her
pregnancy. Sometimes this term
expectant mothers even refuse
to register for the flight.

the decision the artist took a few
days before the festival. She was even
stated in the program of the evening. And 7days.ru
said that will arrive in
Baku. “Yes, I do fly to Baku
and I spoke there. I believe that my
the position will not create any difficulties”,
— says the star
at the pre-party of the festival in Moscow, about
months ago.
Everything: the fans, and
colleagues of the singer have reacted to the news that
Nyusha will not visit the capital of Azerbaijan
in the framework of the third festival “HEAT”,
understanding. By the way, refused
celebrity and other events
and flights, determined to make a break in
tour schedule and appearances.
that comes a serious break, not
creative, but touring… — shared
on the eve Nyusha with the fans. — Indeed,
for the first time in the 10 years I have to do
a small pause… Very exciting!”

its “interesting” situation, the singer
continues to lead an active lifestyle.
She plays sports and dances, just
avoid exercises and movements with
the load on the muscles of the abdomen. Quite
to refuse to work Nyusha until
ready. Last month it plans
actively engage in new songs, but
then, when her baby will be born,
the first time she is going to completely
to devote to the child. The singer no
the need to flee on the scene
and earn “all the money in the world,” she
could easily afford to enjoy