Pregnant Nyusha decided on a hot selfie without clothes

Беременная Нюша решилась на горячее селфи без одежды
The singer has pleased fans of spicy photo.


Photo: @nyusha_nyusha Instagram Nyusha

Although Jane continues to refuse to comment about her pregnancy, after her recent concert in düsseldorf fans have no doubt that the singer is “waiting.” The intrigue with the pregnancy even more warmed up interest of fans to the singer. Now fans are literally watching every step of the artist. The other day, to their surprise, Nyusha storys its microblog showed the hot without the clothes…

The singer shared a selfie from bed, where posing, having covered with a blanket. As suggested by fans, the photo Nyusha posing in the Nude. By the way, the singer starred with her hand on her stomach. This pose is considered the “signature gesture” of the future mothers, so that the frame is at the same time can be considered as another confirmation of the pregnancy of the actress.

Interestingly, 27-year-old Nyusha some time ago admitted that from 18 years looking forward to the moment when she will become a mother. Maybe that’s why she tried as much as possible to keep your present a secret? According to singer, the birth of children — the main purpose of women.

“In my opinion, it is quite natural when you, being a wife, having a career, having finally fulfill their primary female function, said Jane. — I think for every woman, motherhood is very important. This is our destiny, we were created for this, just each of us goes through it differently… There are girls who almost immediately go back to work, and someone may go on maternity leave for five years”. About your maternity leave Nyusha has not yet made any statements. Now she continues to act according to the planned schedule, but now during the dance, behaving more cautiously.