Pregnant Nelly Ermolaeva spend at work

Беременная Нелли Ермолаева не щадит себя на работе The presenter does not intend to abandon cases because of an interesting situation. Nelly Ermolaeva recently opened her own beauty Studio, and a new baby is going to actively do business.

A week ago Nelly Ermolaeva finally ceased to hide the pregnancy from fans. A young woman shared a touching video in which noticeable her rounded tummy. Now the presenter often talks about his emotions related to the anticipation of a child.

So, the young woman told he was not going to give up work due to an interesting situation. According to Nelly, the kid is not a constraint for the expectant mother.

“Combining pregnancy with work no problems I see! Unless, of course, no health problems. I’m not afraid to start a business in a period of “interesting situation.” On the contrary, it further inspired and motivated me”, – said Ermolaev.

The presenter will be valid for the entire period of pregnancy leads an active lifestyle. She appears at social events, often puteshestvovat and implements new projects. Nelly admitted that after the birth of a child is not going to stay in the decree. According to Yermolayev, the modern woman may be enough time for everything she wants.

“My husband and I very much planned, worked and built the scheme of life, so just continue being high. I am a business mum who manages everywhere. Our baby will grow in love, care and affection. In parallel I am engaged in family business, my favorite things,” said star.

Fans supported Yermolaev in the desire to lead an active lifestyle. For many of them TV presenter has long been a role model. “Do not get tired to admire you, so much energy”, “This is the right position. Nelly big boy”, “my first pregnancy was very hard, barely leave the house. So not everyone will be able to work and business to develop”, – shared his opinion of the fans of the stars.

Ermolaeva itself does not deny that pregnancy much it has changed. The young woman became increasingly sharing touching photos with her husband and confess her love for him. Fans believe that the TV presenter and her partner will be good parents.