Pregnant Nelly Ermolaeva posed naked

Беременная Нелли Ермолаева снялась обнаженной Telediva surprised Frank frame. Nelly Ermolaeva shared with fans a recent photo shoot. However, opinions of subscribers brunette in the review were divided. Some of the followers did not appreciate the courage of the idol.
Беременная Нелли Ермолаева снялась обнаженной

Popular TV presenter Nelli Ermolaeva is in the 28th week of pregnancy. Loyal fans regularly ask the expectant mother how she feels, how retains shapes and see if she sets associated with weight gain. Apparently, a celebrity, on the contrary, became more confident and liberated. A young woman posted a candid shot, which is posing without clothes, lying in the bath.

“I always thought that a naked pregnant woman is the most sexy woman. With pregnancy I became even more love yourself and your body. Any who is in this position, just glows from within and looks very appetizing! I decided on this shot because I really want to remember a magical time,” he shared with followers beauty.

Nelly also said that so certain her husband had not yet seen. The star admitted that thrilled in what form it is in now considers this period the most sexy and attractive. Interestingly, under the post Ermolaeva many rushed to support the favourite, and to admire her figure. Others, however, condemned the brunette for excessive courage and emancipation.

“Very gently, sensually. Eye-catching”, “Nelly, you look pregnant. You just blossom”, “Beautiful, of course, but still this should be only for her husband…”, “Nelly, this is cool and fascinating, but I think these pictures should be personal”, “Oh, how incredibly touching it all… every girl’s Dream to be with such good looks, married, and still waiting for a little miracle! You are beautiful”, – expressed his opinion the users of the social network.

It should be noted that Yermolayev, despite different opinions, not prone to superstition and he sees nothing wrong in telling about the pregnancy. In addition, the celebrity, together with her husband in advance began to prepare for the new addition to the family. In the seventh month, the lovers began to purchase the necessary for baby and mother things. Nelly told subscribers microblog that want to equip the nursery while you have the time and not to rush to the shops after childbirth. She also stressed how important it is to give the child to feel that he was waiting for.