Беременная Нелли Ермолаева сильно прибавила в весе
In the coming months ex-member of the main telestroke country and TV presenter Nelli Ermolaeva will be a first time mom.

Беременная Нелли Ермолаева сильно прибавила в весе

Nellie entire pregnancy tells his followers about health, about the preparation for the birth of the first child. Recently, the same girl admitted that he was forced to go on a diet because of the extra pounds that can hurt the baby.

Беременная Нелли Ермолаева сильно прибавила в весе

“As I recovered, the first question on everyone’s mind. I have nothing to hide, as do many others. 36th week of pregnancy, and I gained +16 kg. I am not complex, but still believe how much you didn’t gain, in pregnancy you are fine. My doctor put me on a diet, told to eat a lot of sweets. I during pregnancy, decided to relax the “belts” and to pamper yourself with sweets. Have dobrovoles. Now my diet consists of only vegetables, fruits, smoothies, meat and fish! About sweet… can forget,” Ermolaeva said in his microblog.

Recall that Nellie decided to give birth abroad, so went with her husband to Miami in advance to prepare for childbirth.

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