Pregnant Nelly Ermolaeva canceled the trip, fearing for the health of the child

Беременная Нелли Ермолаева отменила путешествие, испугавшись за здоровье ребенка Eks-the participant “Houses-2” has decided not to risk the baby’s life. Nelly Ermolaeva, which will soon become a mother, wanted to fly to the Maldives. However, the lack of specialized clinics on the Islands were forced to reconsider plans.
Беременная Нелли Ермолаева отменила путешествие, испугавшись за здоровье ребенка

Presenter Nelly Ermolaeva and her husband Kirill Andreev admitted that I love to travel. At every opportunity, the pair went on a road trip to different cities and countries. However, now that their family will soon be the long-awaited baby, they become more sensitive to the flights. Nelly admitted that he pays attention to the quality of medical services in the place where considering tours. That is why the couple had to give up some favourite destinations. Nelly Ermolaeva: “I Hope to give birth to twins!”

“We have had a trip to the Maldives. Love this Paradise place, but still did not dare, because a long, long flight with transfers. To get on planes, helicopters, boats and deer. And the main point – at wild island there is no hospitals. Therefore, we refrained from Maldives,” – said Nelly fans on Instagram.

Yermolayev also drew attention to the common question about whether or not pregnant women fly on airplanes or don’t need to risk the health and life of the baby, if the trip no sharp need. It is recommended to consult on this issue with doctors, as each case is individual. Nelly admitted that during the time of waiting for a baby, she managed to visit several cities and countries.

“We were in France, England, Switzerland, Russia were flying, and the trip did not affect my health and the baby. Life boils in the same way as before and we assume nothing limited”, – said the presenter.

The expectant mother admitted that they always feel comfortable in flight. She is glad that the pregnancy is without complications and / or organisations can afford not to change their lifestyle. Nelly also gave a few recommendations.

“The only time when flying to another country, just in case, bring a card exchange or the last doctor! Just in case (for clinics elsewhere). Also you need to have all the vitamins and medications you’re taking during pregnancy. Good luck in the sky!” – posted by Ermolaeva.