Беременная Натали раскрыла пол будущего малыша The actress first talked about the upcoming replenishment in the family. Natalie said that in April 2017, she will have another son. Star is happy and accepts congratulations from friends and relatives.

      Singer Natalie, who is preparing for the third time to be a mom, to know about this pregnancy a little over a year ago. The woman participated in one of the episodes of “Battle of psychics”. During the test, the winner of the sixteenth season Victoria Raydos hinted that the artist can prepare for replenishment of the family. In April 2017, the year Natalie was born another son. Singer Natalie waiting for third child

      “Vic said standing next to me phantom of the child – spirit that wants to be born through me. Age I’m not young – soon 43 years, so there were some fears about pregnancy, but I trusted Victoria, knowing that this child I need. From Raydos I learned that every human life is exposed to the keepers of the seven generations of his family: great-grandparents of our great grandparents. And now I understand and feel that in many situations I was protected by my ancestors. This theme – between magic and reality, but I believe in it,” admitted Natalie.

      Since the birth of two sons to the actress so hard, she couldn’t believe that after 40 years you’ll be able to get pregnant again. The singer admitted that he really wants a big family. But sometimes was afraid that her career on the stage need to be to her caring mother. In the early married life of Natalie and her husband Alexander could not have a baby. Only their faith in the best helped in 2001 to become parents Arseny.

      “Prayed about it the Holy Panteleimon. No I did not teach. Just went to Church, and if someone took me to his icon. And before you get pregnant for him, I prayed for the child, Holy Matron. And so it begged the sons and in small steps came to faith. Only in motherhood, the woman is really in contrast to the tinsel than full of our show business,” – said the star.

      According to Natalie, she thought that the third child will be a daughter, but the doctors said that she is expecting a son. The singer of the hit “Oh, God, what man” is of the view that the boy will be easier to grow, as it will not wait for the comparison by the beauty and grace with his stellar mom. Besides, Natalie believes that boys are easier to protect from undue attention from the public.

      As admitted by the artist “Antenna-Telesem”, thanks to the work of stylist and designer Vladimir Mid, she managed to hide the interesting position during the participation in concerts and TV shows.

      “I did not want to tell anyone about the pregnancy. Moreover, the period for six months, before giving birth give concerts, I will not, and hide interesting position you could. But then I realized – I will not say anything, will spread rumours – I’m a public person. Why do they tell us about Sasha? So I decided to tell you to stop,” said Natalie.