Pregnant Natalie Portman spoke about a strange woman in his house

Беременная Натали Портман рассказала о чужой женщине в своем доме

Hollywood actress Natalie Portman is currently pregnant again. Soon the light will be her second baby from husband Benjamin Millepied.

In anticipation of the birth of the second child, Natalie spoke to reporters on the topic of motherhood and talked about what kind of mom she is. Portman admitted that the birth of his first son changed her completely, gave the opportunity to experience unprecedented emotions and feelings: “Motherhood is a great gift, blessing, grace… Yes, all we women can become mothers, but each of us perceives nevertheless having a baby, motherhood as something unique, special, rare and therefore incredibly valuable and insightful, or with someone other feeling..”

It is important to note that Natalie’s busy schedule still allows it in the right quantity to devote time to his son. Portman even refused to nannies and assistants, because he wants to educate the child personally: “Motherhood helps me in good shape to hold on to. Nothing specifically for not doing. Nannies, constantly living in the house, I do not recognize. Honestly, it’s not about trust. Just, you know, afraid to Wake up and see the room someone else’s woman! You can relax when the Alef (the actress’s son) and sleeping during the day. Of course, I was nervous how everything will go when I get back to work. But my husband seems to be fine. I believe that is the choice of every woman is to stay with the baby for some time or indefinitely, or fast enough to get back to work. No one has the right to judge us”.

An interesting fact noted by Western journalists — Natalie’s pregnancy as a talisman. In 2011, the actress received the “Oscar” when expecting first child. Now pregnant Natalie promise a second statuette for her role in “Jackie.” Portman commented on this pattern: “the Children themselves are the most important, wonderful and important “lucky charms” in life. Even if you do not bring the “Oscars”.