Pregnant Natalie Portman has revealed the dates for its delivery

Беременная Натали Портман раскрыла сроки своих родов
In anticipation of a second child, the actress has signed up for dance courses.

C Natalie Portman Benjamin Millepied


Natalie Portman, who is expecting
second child of Benjamin Millepied, is not going throughout the pregnancy to lie on the couch.
By contrast, 35-year-old actress leads an active lifestyle. And recently my
Portman has a new hobby: she was fond of tap-dancing, that is tap dance.

“Natalie and I have recently started to take
lessons. She, unlike me, is this part of some experience. But I
try hard and hope soon to catch up!” — said Benjamin.

met my husband in 2009 when they worked together on the film
“Black Swan” where Millepied was the choreographer. Their business relationship quickly
turned into a novel, and soon the couple began to live together. In 2011 was born their
the firstborn son Aleph and a year later they got married

About the second pregnancy of the actress became known in the fall. When she appeared at the film festival in Venice, guests of the film forum
just couldn’t not to notice the rounded belly Portman. “I was hoping
stretching a little more time before declaring his position. But my
the height and build made attempts to hide the pregnancy is unrealistic. My stomach was just eager to Express themselves around the world! Now everyone thinks I’m about to face, but I don’t
so pregnant, as everyone seems. In fact, before my birth even
a few months!” — said the actress, and said that their second child
she needs to give birth next spring.