Pregnant Natalie Portman has eclipsed girlfriend Gibson

Беременная Натали Портман затмила подружку Гибсона

California hosted a presentation of awards Hollywood Film Awards in 2016.

Recently held the 20th ceremony of one of the prestigious awards. The event was held in Beverly hills, where naturally gathered all stars.

But the attention on the red carpet was confined only to two persons – Natalie Portman, who that day received the award for “Best actress in Hollywood” for the role of Jacqueline Kennedy in “Jackie” and to Mel Gibson, he appeared at the event to the company’s future spouse.

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35-year-old Natalie Portman chose for the publication of concise black dress and even eclipsed Kate Hudson with her spectacular cleavage. Pregnant Portman looked fabulous just take eye, despite the fact that her outfit was simple as ABC.

Distinguished and Mel Gibson, he came to the event with the bride-to-be 25-year-old Rosalind Ross, who also is in position. The future father and his girlfriend glowed with happiness.

It seems that pregnancy is a surefire way to become famous, no stylists is required to enhance the beauty.

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