Беременная Тата Амбрамсон терпит жестокое обращение жениха Participant of “House-2” hopes that the pregnancy will soften the violent temper of her lover. The man admits that during the conflict the girl rushed at him with his fists, and he was forced to defend himself. Tata Ambramson and Valery Responsibility will soon become parents.

      In a few months, the participants of the popular project “Dom-2” Tata Abramson and her Deputy Valery Responsibility become parents. Fans hope that with the advent of the child in the relationship of lovers will finally be peace and tranquility. Many remember that nanny and Valery – pretty temperamental people, because between them often broke out conflict. Blumenkranz told that his fiancee during a dispute pounces on him with his fists, so the man remains nothing how to be reciprocal aggression, but only in order to protect themselves.

      “Of course, you cannot use physical force towards its second half. But what to do when a woman behaves inappropriately?! I have to defend myself when nanny comes at me with fists. At such moments, her and three guys will not keep. Tata carries all the hand and rushes me to hit. In such cases, I grab her by the neck or clothing and throw me out of the room!” – told the participant “Houses-2”.

      Now, when Tata is expecting a child, Valery is trying to be patient and to adapt to its explosive nature. For the sake of peace of his beloved, he is ready to adapt to it and carry out all whims. Abramson is happy that her pregnancy has a positive effect on the future father of the child.

      “As soon as Valera learned the good news, immediately began to change for the better: become more reserved, quiet and attentive. Every day he enquired about my health, support and never offends. Recently on one of the live broadcasts of favorite even voiced this thought: he hoped for nine months his reverent attitude to me will become a habit,” said Abramson.

      Despite the fact that the couple will soon become parents, to leave the reality show they don’t intend to. “The project we will stay until the seventh-eighth month of my pregnancy, and then go on maternity leave and will return back to telestroke, when the baby is two or three months”, – shared his plans for Tata in an interview with “House-2”.