Pregnant Nadia Knob radically changes our views

Беременная Надя Ручка кардинально меняет свои взгляды The singer, who believes that everything has its time, genuinely happy to become a mother for the first time. The soloist of group “Brilliant” for the first time raised the issue of motherhood in social networks. Nadia Pen has admitted that her waiting women, who are in an interesting position.

More than a week ago it became known that the soloist of group “Brilliant” Hope Pen plans to become a mother for the first time. The journalists reported that the actress is on the fifth month of pregnancy, and therefore happy event in the life of celebrities got to happen very soon. During the conversation with “StarHit” Hope has confirmed that it is indeed preparing for replenishment to the family, but decided not to go into details.

Until recently, the Handle has preferred not to speak about the future baby on social networks, but the other day she made an exception. The singer admitted that he is excited to be a mom. According to Nadezhda, she is ready to raise adorable kid. Currently, the singer is studying information about pregnancy.

“Life is so wonderfully arranged – it gives all that is necessary in the circle of our interests… Now I am surrounded by pregnant people and babies. I was always sure that everything arrives on time, our willingness, and not when we think we are ready… And never my “files” is not clogged with unnecessary or untimely information… Now the dose of the unknown is just pouring on me from the horn of abundance, and I with enormous joy and gratitude absorb it”, – shared the singer.

Recall that the father of the child Nadi Pen will become her lover Denis. Elect of the actress proposed to her in November of last year. Therefore, in the near future in the life of the singer will occur two important events – the wedding ceremony and the appearance of the lovely baby. During the conversation with reporters Nadia admitted that all the time, and she didn’t want to force things in a relationship with a young man.

For the first time Hope Pen presented his mate to the public in February of last year. Then the pair visited one of the social events. The singer did not hide the affair from the public. Journalists noticed that the singer looked very happy. All evening she did not depart from David that touching care of beloved. On a question of correspondent about who she has a companion, Hope hesitated, apparently choosing his words. A young man came to the aid of the artist and introduced himself. “Dennis!” – choice of Handle was short.