Pregnant Milan Kerzhakov has noticeably gained weight

Беременная Милана Кержакова заметно прибавила в весе The player’s wife gained 20 pounds. Fans convinced Milan Kerzhakov that for pregnant women it is completely normal. They believe that pregnancy only adorns her.

      Few weeks the wife of a famous footballer Alexander Kerzhakov Milan for the first time will become a mother. Despite the rather impressive period of pregnancy, the young woman does not stop working – it continues to take an active part in the charity Fund “Stars for children” which was founded together with her husband.

      Unlike many star mothers, who during the child’s expectations tend to maintain the shape and limit themselves in food, Milan is not afraid to gain weight. She did not torment themselves with various diets.

      “And don’t even say that I plus 20 pounds,” wrote Milan on Twitter, posting a selfie from the car.

      The followers could not believe that Kerzhakov has gained weight, so she looks beautiful. However, fans were quick to reassure Milan, because pregnant women are always a little fuller. “Face thin, do not know, is a very beautiful Girl, chase away all doubts, you are beautiful, you are beautiful”, “I really don’t 20 pounds. During pregnancy I gained 30, this bubble was”, “I can’t believe it,” wrote fans.

      Milan and Alexander look forward to the birth of their first child. The athlete already has a son and a daughter from a previous relationship. 12-year-old Daria lives with her mom and four-year-old Igor was left with Kerzhakov. His current wife was able to find a common language with the boy and replace him mom.

      Myself Milan can’t wait for the birth of the baby. Using “StarHit” she turned to her child. Kerzhakov Milan prepared for a meeting with the son

      “I’m incredibly anxious to see you, to hold, and, of course, I wish you were like your father, then you, handsome, you’ll certainly be attracting all the girls. I also believe that you and I have no problems – because you’re my son, and therefore you’ll grow a man independent, inquisitive and active. When you got it all settled, we’re not calmed down, did not stop flying, traveling. Did you like the sea? Soon you will see it yourself! Your appearance at the light waiting for all the relatives and especially my mom and dad – your grandma and grandpa, for them you will be the first and most favorite grandson”, – said Milan.