Pregnant Mila kunis is already planning a third child

Беременная Мила Кунис уже планирует третьего ребенка
Ashton Kutcher is proud of his ability to change diapers.

Mila kunis and Ashton Kutcher’s daughter Wyatt


As admitted recently, the actress Mila kunis,
which is now carrying her second child, she had dreams about the third!

In a recent television interview, Mila shared
their plans for further expansion of his family. “When I
gave birth to her eldest – Uayett, the first thought that came to my mind
was: “We Ashton definitely need a second baby!” And, as it turned out, he
thought about the same! And after we give birth to the second, we will continue — as long as I don’t feel that our family is finally complete!” —
said kunis.

As said earlier Nice, they Ashton
Kutcher just crazy about his daughter Uayett, which is now a year and nine months. And it
despite the fact that it is very difficult. “Every night, when the time comes
to put her to sleep, we have to play a show. And as long as Uayett will not be
literally fall to the ground from fatigue, to calm it. So
when we finally reach our goal, we congratulate each other with the
that did it!” — told Mila.

Moreover, as admitted kunis, her baby you’ll be
rare fearlessness. And combined with her extraordinary activity and skill
to move very quickly to protect the girl from the various incidents is very difficult. “To
year the task of parents to withdraw the child, and not to let him kill you!” — such conclusion was made by Kutcher from his experience parenting his daughter. “Every time
going to bed, we rejoice that our daughter is still alive…” said Mila.

Kunis, believes she is extremely lucky
the fact that Ashton was such a perfect father, without him she would just
incredibly difficult. “Many men need time to enter the father’s role. Ashton
fully felt like a dad in a couple of minutes after
as Uayett was born. He’s just a champion of the swaddling and changing diapers!” —
proudly said the actress.

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