Беременная Меган Маркл прибудет на Уимблдонский турнир поболеть за подругу
Spouse Prince Harry supports Serena Williams.

Беременная Меган Маркл прибудет на Уимблдонский турнир поболеть за подругу

Meghan Markle


Meghan Markle, which Queen
granted the title of Duchess of Sussex, and after her marriage to Prince Harry forgot his longtime girlfriend. Despite the fact that Megan has now
to perform the duties of a member of the Royal family, she managed to find the time to
to support Serena Williams, with whom Markle friends for a long time. The Duchess
I planned to visit at least one match of Wimbledon involving his
best friend. Join her Prince Harry, is still unknown.

Serena, only at the beginning of this year, post-decree
after the birth of a daughter Olimpia, have not yet eliminated from the tournament. Although, as
experts admit, Williams has not reached his best form, but your
the first match at Wimbledon she managed to win.

At the Duchess
there is now another problem: according to rumors, she is expecting a baby. If it
do so, and Harry dream about to fill up their family
came true even faster than they had hoped. However, the fact that they
certainly have kids and don’t want to postpone it for a long time, Harry and Megan
announced last autumn, shortly after the engagement.

Many saw an indirect confirmation of it
pregnancy that Markle missed the recent visit to Africa. After all, although she
even before the wedding had time to visit with your beloved on the hottest continent as
at least three times, the official visit to Lesotho, held a little over a week
ago, Harry had to make one. Apparently, Megan did not dare to
difficult flight in his vulnerable state.

Serena Williams