Беременная Меган Маркл на Фиджи: непринужденные наряды и возможная опасность

International tour Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in full swing. Despite the pregnancy, Markle feels great and continues great to stay like royalty. This time the couple visited Fiji. The President fed the Dukes of Sussex at the Banquet organized in honor of their arrival, and then Megan and Harry went to travel around the city.

Беременная Меган Маркл на Фиджи: непринужденные наряды и возможная опасность

At the party Megan appeared in a blue dress. Some felt that this is an allusion to the sex of the baby. However, speculation immediately stopped: experts on etiquette say that the color of the outfit — a tribute to the state (Fiji blue state flag).

Беременная Меган Маркл на Фиджи: непринужденные наряды и возможная опасность
Then the couple went to the University of the South Pacific, where he watched a presentation about the consequences of climate change, and then made speeches. Markle was in a dress with floral print Figuelove, and her husband was in a bright shirt with a beach print.

Then the couple went to the market to meet women and they have stalls with food. However, to get to know and taste something delicious failed. Security decided that Megan was in danger and she was brought. What exactly happened is unknown. For security during the tour, answered a tall blonde. “The officer needs to be near the object of his protection 24 hours a day — that’s why many women of the Royal family prefer to see his bodyguard a woman. There are things that girls and women of the Royal family would be more comfortable to do so only in the presence of women. However, the girl at the post of head of security is really rare,” said an employee of the Metropolitan police service of London.

Recall, October 15, Kensington Palace formally announced the pregnancy Meghan Markle. The following spring, the firstborn greet the light, and while it remains to be seen. Many assume that the grandson will reconcile the warring forever and the rough-Megan’s relatives — father Thomas-sister Samantha. Indeed, at the time the storm abated and the father congratulated his daughter from the future replenishment, but my sister — as always…

A source close to Thomas said that he was “absolutely delighted” by this news. “He thinks that Megan will be a great mother,” shared the insider.

So reacted to the pregnancy sisters Samantha: “I want Megan was happy and calm. All must be positive. I hope my dad will participate in the upbringing of his grandson. It is in the interests of the child to do that.”

“The Duke and Duchess of Sussex is very pleased to announce that Megan is expecting a baby. Their Royal Highnesses have appreciated all the support they have received from people around the world since their wedding in may, and are happy to share this joyful news with the public,” wrote representatives of the Palace. The baby will be born next spring. Looking forward to it.

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