Pregnant Megan Fox lives in a rented house

Беременная Меган Фокс живёт в арендованном доме

Pregnancy Hollywood actress Megan Fox became a pleasant surprise this week. Lit at the premiere of the film “teenage Mutant ninja turtles 2” your big tummy, the actress sparked a debate about the child’s father – all after know her husband and the father of her two sons with Brian Austin green Megan is in the process of divorce. As it turned out, the father of the third child the actress is still her husband, but this does not mean that they got married everything went smoothly and the divorce is cancelled.

As told by the insiders, Megan only suspended the divorce process indefinitely, she’s still not sure he wants to live with Brian. The proof of this is the fact that the couple have put their gorgeous family nest back in January this year to sell and want to get rid of it, and live in a rented modest house in Bel-air.
“The house is very small but cozy. From its Windows – great views, and they have territory around the house where children can play. Megan and Brian live together, they go shopping and raise children. Everything, as usual” — said the source.
29-year-old Fox, a 42-year-old green met in 2004 and married in 2010. Now they are raising kids — pogodok Noah and Bodhi.

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