Беременную Марию Адоевцеву осудили за операцию дочери Fans don’t understand how a woman could not keep track of the health of the child. Maria Odoevtseva was forced to agree to a General anesthetic for her daughter Lisa that she has cured several teeth.
Беременную Марию Адоевцеву осудили за операцию дочери

The former participant “Houses-2” Maria Odoevtseva daughter Lisa who was born in the marriage with Sergei Odoevtseva, and Barbara – the child of his current wife of Michael. She loves children and enjoys spending them all free time.

Not so long ago Odoevtseva went with the children to her grandmother in Odessa. The woman some time later, he returned to Moscow, and then flew back to the family. Despite the fact that now Maria is expecting her second child, she has no fear of flying on airplanes. Pregnant Maria Odoevtseva makes the repairs in a new apartment

Unfortunately, recently, Lisa took the help of experts – it showed up problems with the teeth. Because the girl still quite small, the doctors decided on a General anesthetic to cure everything at once. Maria was very worried, as the body can withstand this load.

“Two hours of your life in eternity has become. Look at your real child and to wait when it comes to consciousness, the pain screaming. Elizabeth had to do General anesthesia to make at a time, five teeth, two of which had to pull out because of the beginning of pulpitis. I thought that only harmless tooth decay, but by the pictures found out about a hidden problem,” said the former participant of “House-2”.
Беременную Марию Адоевцеву осудили за операцию дочери

Maria told the followers that everything goes well, the girl quickly regained consciousness and felt fine. However, many moms criticized the woman because she has not followed the health of baby teeth and brought up the fact that Lisa was treated under General anesthesia.

Odoevtseva told, how all was actually. She admitted she could not think about such consequences. The reality star was embarrassed categorical statements subscribers.

“A week before the planned treatment, it was found that it resulted in the pulpit with the nascent cyst, and there is the usual injection is not necessary. How was I to think conventional caries what there is lies, if nothing is bothered. I had to quickly think and act. The decision to anesthesia was a last resort, otherwise at any time spread to “bomb” to the floor person, and the consequences were irreversible,” said Maria.
Беременную Марию Адоевцеву осудили за операцию дочери

Also Odoevtseva told that perfectly understood what will be the load on the heart of a child, but because they had passed all the necessary tests to minimize risk. Mary specifically told about the incident to other parents carefully monitored the health of children. “I could, of course, not to share this story, but decided such a sad example to show what happens if you run any kind of illness for mercy to the child,” admitted Maria.