Беременная Мария Адоевцева делает ремонт в новой квартире Eks-the participant “Houses-2” I bought a house. Maria Odoevtseva did not hide that for a long time dreamed of a luxurious house, however, until her family was afford only a small area of the estate. Now wife think of the future interior.

Not so long ago the former participant reality show “House-2” Maria Odoevtseva complained to his followers that soon her family will have to leave the rented apartment. She was very sorry about this, because for four years she lived in the house and really got used to it. Now when a young woman expecting her second child, she had to find new living space. Pregnant Maria Odoevtseva left without an apartment

Odoevtseva shared good news that she and her husband bought their own property. Maria admitted that dreamed of a big house, but until the funds allow them to buy only a small apartment. However, they hope to make a comfortable room for five.

“I love to start with a clean slate. Where everything big starts small. Dreamed, of course, a large two-story house, once and for all to move, to put down roots Yes, to calm down, but life circumstances decreed otherwise, and a small apartment was also quite a way out when you have nowhere to go. The important thing is that we now have their own corner, their own little world and quite a bit of time to arrange it, to let go of a sea of coziness and put their simple belongings,” he shared news Odoevtseva in the microblog.

The followers were happy for Mary and her family. They were surprised that the couple in such a short time was able to find and purchase suitable housing. Members of the former participant “Houses-2” and wished them rather to make repairs and move. “But his own! No surprises in the future,” “I Congratulate you on the purchase of housing! From the heart happy for you! Let small, but their own!”, “Big things have small beginnings, congratulations,” wrote netizens.

Soon Odoevtseva will become a mother for the second time. She has a daughter from his first marriage with a former member of telestroke Sergei. Last summer she married a new lover Michael, who also is the heir. Thus, in the family to have their third child. Maria told me how is her pregnancy.

“Even to this day stirs up in the car and sometimes comes in handy sachet for regurgitation. One happy, my toxic winter behind, I bought it about a month ago and started to enjoy quickly growing tummy. While I’m still lifting the bun and fit into old clothes,” admitted the ex-participant of “House-2”.