Беременная Мария Адоевцева пожаловалась на плохое самочувствие Maria Odoevtseva told fans that encountered problems with health. Large mother concerned about discomfort in the abdomen, low blood pressure and back pain, but she tries not to despair.
Беременная Мария Адоевцева пожаловалась на плохое самочувствие

Instagram’s Odoevtseva is filled with heartwarming family photos. She is incredibly happy with her husband Michael and is preparing soon to present him with the first child.

Maria used to share news of their personal life with fans, so when her health suddenly deteriorated, she was unable to remain silent. As it turned out, the ex-participant of “House-2” was faced with a whole range of unpleasant feelings before the birth.

“I couldn’t even get kids to bathe, back ache terribly since last night, barely able to walk. The pressure is low. And belly weird sipping. Fright night was thinking that maybe started already. Maybe a training battle, I forgot what they are,” – said Odoevtseva on Instagram.
Беременная Мария Адоевцева пожаловалась на плохое самочувствие

Fans immediately rushed to Mary to advise less activity and more rest. However, the mother of many children is clearly not accustomed to sit still. During the pregnancy she had to rest at sea, to put his Affairs in order and even several times to change their place of residence. However a recent event happened to a family of Odoevtseva not her own. The fact that a pregnant woman with two children asked to vacate the rented apartment. As a result, the star together with her husband had to find a new home.

At the time they settled outside the city, and stay in the fresh air with the children obviously enjoyed Odoevtseva fun.

Near the pregnant star of “House-2” is almost always her husband Michael. Daughter Mary managed to make friends with the heir of the male from a previous relationship. The mother of a young Wari long since passed away, and so Odoevtseva surrounded the girl care. As a result, now the family mothers of large families there is peace and quiet.

“This is the same when everything goes well. All as you want to. That’s what we have, and I appreciate it. I believe that people do not converge, do not occur just like that. Everything has its own reason. I believe in happy ends,” he once told Maria.

Fans believe that the ex-participant of “House-2” is the perfect mother. At least, she considers her husband a daughter from a previous relationship native, and often shares the emotions of parenting two girls. And yet, fans insist that in the last weeks of pregnancy, Maria took care of themselves more, without overloading the body.