Беременная Мария Адоевцева рассталась с супругом The star of “House-2” was forced to leave. Maria Odoevtseva admitted that she is hard to endure separation from her husband. She went with the children to the grandmother.

In July last year, the star of the reality show “Dom-2” Odoevtseva Maria got married with her beloved Michael. For a long time she did not share with the fans that have found a new love. But when convinced of the sincerity and seriousness of the feelings, without regret, told about the new novel fans. Eks-the participant “Houses-2” Maria Odoevtseva: “my Husband left me spiritually”

Men, like Mary, has a daughter from a previous relationship. Girls about the same age and easily found a common language. The couple now await the birth of their child. But were forced to part Odoevtseva with the children went to visit grandma.

“Tonight we train Moscow-Odessa. Going to the sea, our grandma had already begun to languish in expectation with fragrant cakes and choicest delicacies. We need this trip, from moving to rest, and the sea breeze to breathe. My 22nd week goes smoothly, baby is kicking all tangible, tummy is getting heavy. In the event that not one tone, but the doctor reassured that 10 “hardening” of the stomach per day is the norm, it’s time to wear a bandage. In General, everything goes on as usual. Despite temporary difficulties,” – said Odoevtseva.

Maria admitted that she is struggling with the breakup with her husband. Nevertheless, she saw the advantages. Odoevtseva believes that after a while their love will flash with new force. “Without the Pope. He was used to reluctantly let us go. Even though I know how he has a hard time following separation. Alone is always more difficult to wait. But circumstances are stronger than us. And the feelings are getting stronger at a distance,” said Maria.

Not so long ago Maria told me that they are forced to leave the apartment he rented for several years. Odoevtseva worried, because accustomed to the area and otherwise settled real estate. However, these changes have been favorable – now the couple bought their homes. Ex-participant of “House-2” did not hide the fact that dreamed of a big house, but still happy with what he has.