Pregnant Loboda visited the main music festival in America

Беременная Лобода посетила главный музыкальный фестиваль в Америке
The singer continues to lead an active way of life before birth.

Беременная Лобода посетила главный музыкальный фестиваль в Америке

Svetlana Loboda

Photo: @lobodaofficial Instagram Svetlana Loboda

A month ago, Svetlana Loboda flew away to give birth overseas. The singer until the seventh month concealed her second pregnancy, and then announced the beginning of maternity leave. This formulation, as it turned out, did not mean that the artist will really fully relax ahead of the birth. In fact, Svetlana continues to lead a more than active life: recording an album, shooting a video and also conducts rehearsals for the upcoming tour overshadowed.

Today, Svetlana has been on the main music festival — Coachella, though not as a participant but as a spectator. Loboda had purchased tickets to a performance by Beyonce, which will surely become the most discussed event in the world of music in the near future. All overseas media are full of reports about how enchanting was the appearance of Beyonce at Coachella, Loboda was able to see the performance of colleagues alive. We can assume that, being at the festival, which annually gathers under its banner not less than 250 thousand people, Svetlana probably is not resting, and gaining experience and watching how organized performances of American stars.

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Recall that in June Loboda will return to full operation, and hence the birth of Svetlana will take place no later than the beginning of summer. To help in the care of the newborn child singer will be the nanny and mother and the singer will continue to conquer the musical Olympus.