Беременная Лив Тайлер готовится к свадьбе
David Beckham took care of all the hassle.

Liv Tyler

Photo: Splash News/East news

Liv Tyler very soon have become a mother for the third time. But as it turned out,
she is now concerned about not only the upcoming birth. Liv vengeance is planning a wedding with Dave Gardner – the father of her eight month old son Salora and not yet born baby. More precisely, this is the case, Liv admitted that
finally Mature enough to get married with Dave, which made her
the proposal for more than a year ago. And friends readily took
to organize the whole celebration.

share of troubles willingly took on David Beckham.In Futbolist is the best
the friend of the bridegroom, and Liv – his old friend. And introduced them all in
the time turned out to be the closest friend Tyler Kate moss. And now
Beckham and moss help to arrange a celebration.They have had time to discuss the organization of bachelorette and bachelor party. Originally
David offered to hold the event in Marrakech but, at the insistence of Kate, from such
exotic option decided to give up. As for the wedding, it
planned to organize in Costwolds in the house of the actress in Central England. Here
like everyone I hope the paparazzi will annoy them less than in America. But
she goes down the aisle, Liv still want to produce
your baby. And childbirth, Tyler, will be held in new York, where
actress and is in currently.In but the little sailor, she also brings her older, 11-year-old son Milo from her first marriage and eight-year-old son of a Gardner from his previous relationship.

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